LADSoft Home Page

This page is a collection of my programming-related projects.  Most of them include source code in either C/C++ or Assembly Language.

The main project I work on these days is my Orange C/C++ Compiler, which is a relatively new optimizing compiler and toolchain for WIN32 which was developed pretty much from scratch.   It currently has support for the C89, C99 and C11 standards.   Over the last few years, it has been updated to support C++11 and then C++14; it currently uses the libc++ version of the STL for runtime support. Using libc++ makes sense in other ways as well, as it forms a test for compiler features.

A recent variation on Orange C is a compiler which compiles to MSIL. It is capable of generating both DLLs and EXE files for .net from C code. This version of the msil compiler utilizes a new C++ library DotNetPELib for creating and accessing .net assemblies

Another major project I worked on for many years is the CC386 compiler for WIN32.  It is an offshoot  of an old compiler for the 68K processor written by Matthew Brandt many years ago.  This compiler does have a 68K version as well.  While not really an optimizing compiler, it still did a reasonable job by allocating registers globally to each function.   It does have a toolchain, patched together from a variety of open source projects and new code.

The C language runtime library for these compilers is also available as part of the compiler packages.  It has been heavily vetted by a variety of people.  These compilers also have support for MSDOS.

The other major project on this page is the GRDB debugger.  This is a debugger similar to MSDOS Debugger with a lot of new features such as support for 32 bit code, DPMI, flat real mode, and many other features.  It was used for many years by various BIOS developers.

Other projects include a simple PPP TSR for MSDOS, my 386 protected mode examples including a simple OS, some very old code related to the SECS I and II protocol for manufacturing equipment, some sound demos for MSDOS, and miscellaneous demonstration code for MSDOS.

I have a short Biography if you are intested in knowing more about me.

If you want to contact me, my email is 'camille at bluegrass dot net'.