GRDB Debugger Version 9.6

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GRDB stands for Get Real Debugger, which is a takeoff on the fact it is a debugger similar to the one which shipped in MSDOS, which works in the so-called 'real' mode of the x86 processor family.  This mode is what the processor starts in before loading an operating system;  it is compatible with the 8086 processor with some extensions.

GRDB had a life of over ten years and at one point was enjoyed by people developing the computer BIOS code.

Some of the features in GRDB are as follows:
GRDB has built in support for symbol tables.  One way of getting the symbol tables is by using the MKSYM program to parse a map file from one of the major assemblers.  The VALX linker, which is distributed as part of the CC386 compiler package, also is able to generate the kinds of symbol tables GRDB uses.

This program has limited usefulness these days as it is an MSDOS program, although it also runs in the DOS BOX on windows XP.
ProductMD5 Checksum
Source and Executables539e769180e9b1736822f272b3193e43
VALX Linker1a737b1c2c687e993e46cbd001898f2f
MKSYM programc282538dc12e28c22e9eb9de851e0d13