Protected Mode demos

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This is a collection of various programs that are related to X86 protected mode.  A lot of it is simple mode-switch stuff, but for example the operating system digs deeply into PMODE.  Note that also, current versions of GRDB have a lot of protected mode code in them as well. The compiler packages on this site do also have some protected mode code in them, however, most of the interesting stuff related to protected mode mode switches are relegated to whichever DPMI server has been chosen.

The Operating System presented on this page also has a lot of basic hardware examples from a time when PC hardware hadn't graduated to the various PCI busses and was still relatively standardized.  I guess since things such as FreeDos exist, some of that is still relevant.

OLink32 is the first linker I wrote; I had specifically written it to be able to write code for this OS.

The assembly language programs in this section are for MASM/TASM.

ProductMD5 Checksum
LadSoft DOS OS 1.51e49bf530b99b9f1d44a344aa38b154ca
OLink32 to create LADSoft DOS programsad9b214e2de7ea1fc1b198de9941d4aa
Virtual 8086 mode demo19f9b03b2560fdca066f6be7172c2b54
Flat Real Mode exampleN/A
Mode switch exampleN/A
386 PMODE descriptionN/A