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This page has a variety of demo routines I wrote for various people.  The source code links on this page are mostly specific to the PC architecture or to MSDOS or both; it will not be portable to other architectures or operating systems.

X86 Assembly Language Demos

Product Purpose
Air Traffic Controller game A small game which allows you to navigate planes around a traffic control grid
Command line Shows scanning of environment and command line options
Hard drive Some basic hard drive functions, reading the MBR, showing what drives are installed, and showing the dos drive tree
TSR/Time Shows the time on the screen continuously
TSR/Disk keeps disk powered up on systems where timeouts would shut it down for power save reasons
DPMI hows how to invoke DPMI
Hex dump utility A simple hex dump utility
TSR/Stop runaway programs ESC key returns you to DOS when a program goes awry
Floating point Print floating point numbers
Floppy driver Code for accessing the floppy without the BIOS
Gravity game A very simple game, adapted from someone's minimal code size contest
UART Test if a UART exists
Keyboard Replacement for int 9 keyboard handler
LEDs Change the state of the keyboard leds
COM files Load an MSDOS .com file without MSDOS
EXE files Load an MSDOS .exe file without MSDOS
CMOS Interrupt Shows how to use the CMOS interrupt timer
PIC Shows how to reprogram the programmable interrupt controller
PWM Use the power monitoring API to power down the computer
Random numbers shows one way to do random numbers
File I/O Read data from a file
Serial I/O Shows how to do interrupt-driven serial I/O from a 32-bit program
Timing programs Shows how to time the execution of routines

C Language Demos

Product Purpose
Beep program Beep the speaker using i/o ports
Ellipse Draw an ellipse on the screen
Floating point math Simple floating point math without a coprocessor
64-bit math 64-bit integer math
TSR How to do a TSR in C
VGA Drawing in mode 12h
VGA Initialization Initializing mode 13h without the BIOS
Bit maps Bit maps in mode 12h
VGA Initialization Initialize mode 12h/mode 13h without the BIOS
Time delay Simple delay using ports

Terse Demos

Product Purpose
TSR/Time TSR which puts time on the screen


Product Purpose
Floating point Document about floating point format