HXDOS is detected as a virus on WIN64

One day, AVG started detecting one of the files out of the current HXDOS distribution as a virus and quarantined it. This has an impact on both compilers as if I cannot host the file on WIN64 I cannot get it into the releases.

Later, Norton seemed to also detect the file as a virus

This has more of an impact on OCC than on CC386, as OCC probably won't run under MSDOS without this file. OCC REQUIRES HXDOS to work on MSDOS.

CC386 has no base requirement for HXDOS and will happily run without it, however, it will optionally create programs that need HXDOS and as I cannot host the latest version I cannot release it with CC386.

Happily there is an easy solution: if you need HXDOS you can download it yourself from http://www.japheth.de/HX.html.