Orange C 6.00.1 is released

This version primarily adds IDE support for C++ development and debugging, but also introduces a few new IDE features. Also, many bugs were fixed along the way.

The new Features are as follows:

  • ocide: Support C++ editing and debugging
  • ocide: rewrite of how docking windows work
  • ocide: add breakpoint window
  • ocide: add variable usages window
  • ocide: CTL-Y deletes the current line
  • ocide: CTL-T deletes the word to the right of the cursor
  • ocide: CTRL-SHIFT-1 through CTRL-SHIFT-9 mark up to nine postions in the text; CTRL-1 through CTRL-9 jump to them
  • occ: speed up compiles
  • examples: add ATC (air traffic controller) as a C++ example for win32