Orange C 5.72.1 is released

This version fixes various bugs.

The bug fixes are as follows:

  • ocide: fix several crash conditions
  • ocide: fix redo to work properly
  • ocide: fix various bugs in find dialog & add new features
  • ocide: fix problem where bitmaps defaulted to 16 colors (not all colors could be used)
  • ocide: debugger fix display of enumerated values: was showing random numbers
  • ocide: fix CTL-[ CTL-] ALT-[ and ALT-] to work independently of the installed keyboard and not interfere with the keystrokes
  • ocide: in memory window, specifying an expression with '&' should be superfluous
  • ocide: in disassembly window, prefix all constants with 0x to show they are hexadecimal
  • ocide: properly evaluate a selection when adding to the watch window via right-click
  • ocide: fix vagaries between DIALOG and DIALOGEX resources
  • ocide: fix vagaries between MENU and MENUEX resources
  • ocide: fix separators on menus to save properly in both modes
  • ocide: don't automatically attempt to convert MENU or DIALOG to their EX equivalent
  • ocide: add GRAYED and CHECKED options to menu item properties
  • ocide: change the radio button TYPE property to a SELECT MODE property
  • ocide: safely recover if the build options in a project file are corrupt
  • ocide: fix bug where opening multiple resource windows then trying to close them would hang the ide
  • olink: fix debug info: ocide call stack, threads windows showed invalid function names and global variables were off as well (this was introduced with the C++ debugging info)