Orange C 5.70.1 is released

This version adds an error window to the IDE for easier view of errors and warnings. It also clarifies how resource identifiers work in the help and updates the windows examples

It also fixes the following bugs:

  • ocide: fix problem with not being able to resize images that had been zoomed in the icon editor
  • ocide: fix problem with select all in the icon editor not selecting the entire image
  • ocide: fix problems where windows would flicker while being resized
  • ocide: fix crash when replacing in a large selection
  • ocide: the RC file parser could not parse 'MENUITEM SEPARATOR'
  • ocide: IDE would crash when reloading the resource file
  • ocide: IDE would crash when loading new resources while a resource editor was opened
  • occ: sometimes static const integral template members could be instantiated as empty virtual functions; then they would be initialized but overwrite other memory.
  • occ: when member data was instantiated virtually it could contain an offset into the structure virtual member data is separate from the structure's internal placement, so this would crash the program
  • rtl: add 'bad_alloc' to the msvcrt dll library so that use of operator new would work.