Orange C 5.67.1 is released

The last couple of versions add several new features to the IDE, and correct various bugs in the resource workshop.

The new features are as follows:

  • Add configurable help. There are three options, first to use the VS2012 help added in version 5.64, second to use online help again (the online help has been fixed to work better) and third to use a .CHM form of win32 help that various authors have derived from the old WIN32.HLP files.
  • Add ALT+{ and ALT+} for navigation between braces. This allows you to move between the beginning and ending of a block easily
  • Better support for windows code pages. This corrects for the problem where the system font used for menus is not code-page aware.
  • Support a full-size edit window (which takes over the entire screen space used by the IDE) Use CTL-[ and CTL-] to move back and forth between it and a standard edit window.
  • Support hotkey indicators in the menu editor
  • load and save bitmaps with 32-bit colors (you can't edit the alpha)

    The bug fixes are as follows:

  • ocide: fix problems with undo not working during a long edit session
  • ocide: 24-bit bitmaps not displayed properly in the resource workshop
  • ocide: always save dialogs as DIALOGEX to avoid problems with compiling the RC file
  • ocide: always save menus as MENUEX to avoid problems with compiling the RC file
  • ocide: opening an image in the resource workshop crashed the IDE
  • ocide: when there are two projects, attempting to open resources from the two projects simultaneously could result in errors and crashes
  • ocide: #defines weren't being replaced in version and string tables
  • ocide: when saving version info, the FILEFLAGSMASK wasn't set properly resulting in compile errors
  • ocide: clicking on a 'separator' in the menu design view would crash the IDE
  • ocide: if a menu item was dragged down onto the next lower item, the item would disappear and eventually the IDE would crash