Orange C 5.29.1 is released

In this release, a program 'Coff2Ieee' is included in the distribution. This file is intended to convert microsoft object files and libraries into the Orange C object file format. However, support for this is somewhat incomplete as it is possible for the microsoft object files to reference microsoft-specific runtime library code that isn't available in Orange c.

This release also has a couple of minor editor changes, including colorizing and ability to reference the microsoft help pages.

In this release, the C++ support is still up on blocks while other things are worked on.

Some of the changes are as follows:

  • create new program 'coff2ieee' to convert msvc object files to ieee format
  • occ/dlpe: minimize import thunking to support the import format in microsoft object files
  • olib/olink: debug information in a library was sometimes parsed incorrectly
  • olink: optimized library searches, much faster when parsing libraries now
  • ocide: add CTL-F1 to navigate to the help documentation for a windows function
  • ocide: add more colorization options
  • ocide: fix problem with sometimes crashing when selecting text backwards in the editor and deleting it
  • rtl: add minimal support for vs2010 object files