Orange C 5.27.1 is released

The compiler will process wildcards on the command line now; and there are a handful of bug fixes. Some of these are related to fixing the install via zip file so that OCIDE will work if the main installer has never been used.

In this release, the C++ support is still up on blocks while other things are worked on.

Some of the changes are as follows:

  • occ: add wildcard processing to command line
  • occ: allow arithmetic on 'void *' (treat as char *)
  • occ: c99: if an index variable was defined in a for statement, it would not get optimized into a register
  • occ: variables referenced inside a sizeof() expression should not be marked as externs
  • ocide: create the orange c projects directory if installing from ZIPPED executables file
  • install: fix so that OCIDE would work if installed from the ZIPPED executables file
  • install: add the appdata directory to the ZIPPED executables file