Orange C 5.23.1 is released

Dependency support at the project level has been added to the IDE. A variety of bugs have also been fixed, including bugs with autodependencies and with the makefile generation.

In this release, the C++ support is still up on blocks while other things are worked on.

Some of the changes are as follows:

  • ocide: new feature: project auto dependencies and calculate build order
  • ocide: update documentation/pictures to latest gui and add project auto dependencies
  • ocide: when a file was edited, old dependencies weren't being removed. This could cause compilation where none was needed when the old dependency was modified
  • ocide: dependencies weren't being calculated properly, when they were on the include path rather than in the project.
  • ocide: when adding an existing file, immediately scan it for dependencies
  • ocide: when changing project properties (e.g. the include path) recalculate the project dependencies
  • ocide: remove 'exit process' dialog from debugger, show exit status in information window 'exit process' is still in the 'run without debug' view.
  • ocide: on the right-click from the edit window 'add to watch', pop up the add watch dialog if the word under the cursor isn't a known variable
  • ocide: gray out the 'remove from watch' item if you didn't click on an item that could be removed
  • ocide: change text of a button from 'build all' to 'make' in the toolbar.
  • ocide: resource files with non-standard control names couldn't be reloaded after save
  • ocide: some resource file comments disappearing
  • ocide: don't allow workarea to be reloaded while debugging
  • ocide: when 'remove all bookmarks' is pressed, prompt to see if that is the intended activity
  • ocide: fix crash when trying to rename a project in the workarea window
  • ocide: fix crash while loading resource file
  • ocide: fix crash when loading invalid work area from command line
  • ocide: opening the debug/memory window could crash the IDE
  • ocide: when using tabbed windows, don't switch back to nontabbed mode0
  • ocide: generated makefile did not work with 'include' paths
  • ocide: generated makefile can be saved in more locations than before
  • occ: prototyping a function, then prototyping it again inside another function body would fail with an error
  • omake: quoting an existing file as a dependency results in the dependency not being resolved
  • clibs: add more to win32 headers