Orange C 5.0 is released

Orange C 5.0 is finally released! Some of the new features are:

  • Orange C is now a useful compiler. I am going to replace CC386 with it. It has compiled many complex programs accurately at this point. After this release there will additionally be further development to make it a C++ compiler and probably to add in the C/11 safe string support.

  • Supports the C11 standard. This includes atomics, generics, sized character support, and multithreading primitives in the library, as well as some other minor features. Perhaps the most significant aspect of C11 is the atomic and multithreading support.

  • Orange C is getting an IDE. The latest IDE from CC386 is being ported over, with many bugs being fixed in the process. Most of the features will be similar to what was in the CC386 IDE although some of the internals are changing. Additionally, there are some new features being added. And some of the existing features will work a little better due to a rewritten code base.

  • The most significant of the new features in the IDE is addition of resource editors. These will be capable of editing many of the more common resources such as images, dialogs, and accelerators. In general the IDE will create and maintain an RC file itself to store the data in, however, it will also read many existing RC files and write them back out.

  • Orange C is now able to be compiled with the microsoft compilers. In fact, the executables in the distribution are compiled with Visual Studio 10 express. I have tried to distribute the various project files for doing this.

  • Orange C now can support MSDOS properly again. There is an installation package geared specifically for MSDOS.