Orange C 4.1.124 Changes

This is a description of recent changes to Orange C. This release has minor bug fixes.

  • occ: in C99 mode, __VA_ARGS__ not handled properly
  • occ: fix "int a = b + c; int j = sizeof(double[a]);" to work in C99 mode...
  • occ: allow (void)myStructVar to work
  • occ: improve the accepted sequencing of storage class specifiers, type qualifiers, and types in declaration
  • occ: allow declarations like "extern int aa[]" (unsized array) within a function body
  • occ: miscellaneous internal improvements...
  • olink: if the same symbol is used in multiple libraries, don't generate an error
  • rtl: fix problems with _splitpath and _makepath
  • rtl: fix more problems with truncating various unsigned types in sprintf.c and sscanf.c
  • rtl: lscrtl.dll wouldn't be linked to properly
  • rtl: when compiling for system RTL DLLs, use the old prototype for swprintf and friends