CC386 4.00

This is a description of recent changes to CC386. This version features a rewritten IDE with many bug fixes and new features, along with unordered floating point comparisons and new WIN32 headers.

Changes are as follows:

  • ccide: rewritten, many bug fixes and new features
  • cc386: added unordered floating point comparisons (thanks to a contributor)
  • cc386: allow prototypes such as the following: void MyFunc(struct aa []);
  • browse compiler: made browse info dictionary smaller
  • rtl: fix problems with snprintf not working according to the standard, hanging under certain conditions
  • rtl: add code-page related windows functions (e.g. widechartomultibyte)
  • rtl: update WIN32 headers SHELLAPI and WINERROR, add headers SHLOBJ and friends
  • rtl: add imports for msimg32.dll
  • rtl: allow fclose(NULL) to not throw an exception