DotNetPELib Version 2.1

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The DotNetPELib library may be used to generate and/or read the contents of .NET assemblies. It has support for most aspects of the ECMA-335 standard for CIL assemblies, which specifies the formats used in .NET 2.0, but may also be used for later versions of .NET. The reference MSIL C compiler exercises most aspects of the library

Some of the features of the library include:

This library is hosted on Github.

A CodeProject article written by Alexandre Bencz discusses the library in some depth. There is also an example program called 'test.exe' distributed with the library, which shows how to make several small executables using the library.

This library is released on April 2, 2017 at version 2.1

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Zip file (sources) d09d2962b349e77b5089cebbf4b98455 200K